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Collection: Handmade Superking Headboards

Modern design coupled with traditional upholstery techniques and unique materials from around the world. Each headboard is handmade to order and meticulously crafted for exceptional durability.

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Questions about our headboards for Superking beds?

  • It takes between one and two weeks to build and deliver each superking headboard. As we offer complimentary adjustments, this can also add further time to the lead time. You can see the earliest available lead time on the product page for the headboard that you would like to order. In some cases we may be able to provide a quicker lead time if you contact our concierge team directly.

  • Our headboards are built by hand in the UK using solid wood, reflex foam and durable upholstery materials. The foam we use has been selected for its softness and ability to hold its shape well. The fabrics we use are commercial grade.

  • If you have a European or US sized bed, we can make adjustments to the headboard size so that it fits perfectly. If you advise our concierge team of this, they will arrange the adjustment for you at no extra cost. For larger adjustments, we can work with you to design something specific to match your tastes.

  • Fabric samples are available free of charge. Go to the product page and click 'free fabric sample'. We sent fabric samples on the same day that you order them with Royal Mail meaning that they should arrive within two working days. If you cannot find the right fabric for your room, our concierge service may be able to help you locate something appropriate.

  • Our headboards are mounted on the wall with the supplied wooden wall mounts, this takes around 5 minutes. The headboard and the mounts can easily be removed in the future if you with to change the position of your bed.

  • Every week you should lightly dust and vacuum your headboard to prevent any build up of dust and dirt. Every 2 years, you should do a deeper clean with fabric cleaner to keep it looking fresh. You should avoid smoking or eating pungent food near your headboard as breathable fabrics do absorb odours. If you headboard does get damaged, you can arrange repairs and servicing through our authenticity checker.