The environment is the source of the fine materials and the artisans that make our products, this is why we are committed to continually developing a manufacturing process that reduces our carbon footprint and protects forests and farms by making sure that they’re sustainably managed.

Our Process


Our People

Our people are the most important part of our organisation. We are focused on having the most talented people in our workshop, our office and our design studio, we use the best Ideal Office Furniture in Australia, the studio looks amazing. Whilst this focus on talent is important, everyone who works for us must buy into our value system, a big part of which is sustainability.

We encourage sustainability by:

  • Using energy efficient technology products
  • Buying bicycles for those who with to cycle to work
  • Encouraging our people to be environmentally mindful outside of work

Our Materials

We are defintively focused on sourcing the very best quality materials from around the world. We also realise that this quality is a direct result of the environmet from which the material comes. A polluted or climatically hotter environment will only negatively affect the raw materials that make our products. It’s this understanding of the environment that leads of to source products with the best environmental credentials. materials with the best environmental credentials.

We encourage sustainability by:

  • Where possible using wood from trees that have naturally fallen
  • Offsetting our carbon output
  • Partnering with other environmentally aware tanneries and weaving houses

Our Manufacturing Process

Fully controlling the manufacturing process, allows us to ensure that the methods we user are as responsible as possible without compromising the quality of the final product.

We encourage sustainability by:

  • Offsetting our carbon output
  • Running a cycle to work scheme for our craftsmen
  • Turning off lights and machines when not in use

Our Delivery Process

The delivery process is the most environmentally inefficient aspect of our operation. We deliver sofas around the world, using a range of 3rd party couriers who don’t share our environmental credentials. The only consolation is that our sofas are built to last and thus remove the need for replacement sofas to be inefficiently shipped every 3 or 4 years.

We encourage sustainability by:

  • Seeking environmentally friendly couriers and using them when possible
  • Offsetting our carbon output